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About the Project

The Caversham Project is an an interdisciplinary research project studying the southern suburbs of Dunedin between 1881 and 1940.

The Caversham database collection started in the mid-1970s, with the original database consisting of all adults who lived in the old Caversham borough and registered to vote.

The database for Sites of Gender and Accidental Utopia consisted of all adults who lived in the original three southern Boroughs: Caversham, South Dunedin, and St Kilda. Electoral rolls comprise the core of the database but it also includes information from marriage records, death certificates, the membership records of several voluntary organisations, rating and valuation records, Charitable Aid Board records, and the Housing Survey (1937-38).

The core database which covers all of the old boroughs of St Kilda, South Dunedin and Caversham in the fourteen general elections between 1896 and 1938 and a database derived from the 'Trades & Professions' section in John Stone's Directory for Otago and Southland 1894, 1903, 1912, 1920, 1929, 1939 are now available online.

The electoral roll occupational codes and census occupation codes used to classify the occupational data are also available online.

Because of privacy issues most of the other data is not available online. Anybody wanting to use them for scholarly research needs to contact Department of History and Art History

Caversham Township


map showing Caversham in Dunedin


Caversham circa 1900

Last updated 4th November 2010.