Distributing files

Author: David Hood
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Date Last Modified: 25th August 2003
E-mail: caversham@otago.ac.nz

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As part of a research project, some students in their third year analyse project data. To let them do this I need to distribute files to them.

- Having them get files in person mean a parade of students at irregular times, and inevitable return trips due to lost disks etc.
- Emailing them large numbers of spreadsheets tends to exceed the student email quota, not to mention the general problems you get with attachments.

screenshotAs a solution I make files for students available on a web page. To do this requires creating an index webpage for each group of files I wish to distribute. This is the type of repetitive job I can make my life a great deal easier with using AppleScript.

I created an AppleScript that reviews the contents of a folder and writes the results into an index file. By saving this as an application I can drop a folder on it and have it automatically add the required webpage.