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Author: David Hood
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Date Last Modified: 25th August 2003

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In 2001 I attended the Computing Arts conference at the University of Sydney. Among the presentations, Nick Thieberger  gave a presentation entitled "As we may link: time-aligned concordances of field recordings. A working model". Part of this presentation included using Hypercard and QuickTime to move directly to desired points in a sound recording. Upon my return from the conference I decide to investigate if AppleScript control of QuickTime would enable interactive transcripts of audio and video recordings. The goal was to have a transcript in any program and to jump directly into original recording at the desired point.

In the process of doing this I also developed a few scripts for adding in the transcriptions of files. Starting from an original audio recording I plugged the tape deck into the Macintosh. Using a sound recording program I create a digital version of the interview I'm interested in (from this point I could just as easily be using movie footage, QuickTime player will handle either).

screenshot I use a series of scripts to aid the transcription and interact with the original recording. These scripts are saved in my Library/Scripts folder, and used through script menu.

PlayPause is a simple script for starting and stopping QuickTime Player.

JumpBack moves QuickTime Player back a set distance.

AddTime notes the current recording position in the transcript.

JumpTo moves from the noted point in the transcription into the original recording.