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Author: David Hood
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Date Last Modified: 25th August 2003
E-mail: caversham@otago.ac.nz

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When transcribing a recording playing in QuickTime Player, I often want to move the playback back slightly. Having found the time that normally suits me, I can save this in a script.

In the Script Editor program and type:

tell application "QuickTime Player"
set the StepsInSecond to time scale of movie 1
set the SecondsBack to 30
set the FramesBack to StepsInSecond * SecondsBack
set the TimeNow to the current time of movie 1
set the NewTime to TimeNow - FramesBack
if NewTime < 0 then
set the NewTime to 0
end if
set the current time of movie 1 to NewTime
play movie 1
end tell

I can then move back the desired distance whenever I like. In this case the scripts moves the playback back 30 seconds.