Recording Co-ordinates

Author: David Hood
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Date Last Modified: 25th August 2003

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One thing that I have had to do a lot of recently is to locate points on images. Sadly, I couldn't find program that worked the way I wanted. Fortunately, I was able to use AppleScript to extend Adobe Illustrator from a drawing program to a tool for analysis.

screenshotThe first step is to open the image file up in Adobe Illustrator. Then I use the ellipse tool to draw circles over all the points that I wish to record. The advantage of this is that I can concentrate on the job in hand, picking out all the points before going onto the next stage.

I draw the circles in red simply as a contrast to the image colours. I could easily have used any other colouring I wanted. The only important criteria for this to work is that the Adobe Illustrator document contains nothing but the image and the points drawn on it (the script may need to be amended if shapes other than ellipses are chosen).