Image Cropping

Author: David Hood
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Date Last Modified: 25th August 2003

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The material used in this example was scanned at 300 dpi black and white tiffs (with a threshold of 128). The scanned in area took in slightly less than an A4 page, being 2488 by 3450 pixels.

Several measures then need to be taken of one of the pages, these provide settings for performing the page location calculations


A) The total width of the page. Page Width.
B) The Maximum width of the text on the original page. Text Width.
C) The area in which a cut is desirable. Trim Width.

As well as the three main metrics some assessment needs to be made of page slope how much allowance needs to be made for different angles of photocopying the original page. Any trim lines should be broad enough to avoid trimming sloping text.