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Author: David Hood
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Date Last Modified: 25th August 2003
E-mail: caversham@otago.ac.nz

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The Univesity of Otago uses a program called Blackboard for distributing resources electronically to students. One of the options is to type or copy and paste material into text box areas, which are then displayed as part of a web page. However, to work properly any non-standard symbols, such as the greater than sign >, should be replaced by the technical code for that particular character entity ( in the case of the greater than sign the code is > ). Having to look up, and correctly type, the odd codes needed is a waste of my time.

A second, similar, way that the computer could make my life easier is assisting me when I write my own web pages. Because prefer to write web pages manually, I need to worry about translating special symbols to the appropriate character entities (such as in the AppleScript examples in this site).

Rather than worrying about manually changing symbols to codes, I wrote an AppleScript that takes the text on the clipboard, and makes it 'HTML ready'. So now all I need to do is copy some text I wish to add, run the script from the script menu, and then paste it into it's destination.