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Note: In some cases these papers are available for download in PDF format. These papers are not intended as finished works, more as working documents or methodological notes. Where they are being made avialable they should not be quoted from without permission of the author as the information contained may be out of date.


  • David Hood, 'Phonetic Matching Algorithm', Caversham Technical Paper, CTP060902
  • David Hood, 'Automatic Trimming of Scanned Images', Caversham Technical Paper, CTP260402
  • David Hood 'Who, What, When Where: A Caversham Statisitcal Reference', Caversham Working Paper CWP2002-1.


  • Natalie Beath and Alison Holmes, 'Employment Records', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2001-1
  • Dot Page with Tom Brooking and Howard Lee, 'Schooling for a Gendered Future: Gender, Education and Opportunity in Caversham 1880-1930', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2001-2.
  • Shaun Broadley, 'Oral Histories with Lebanese of southern Dunedin', CWP2001-3
  • Erik Olssen, Maude Hickey and Kate Smith, 'Cumulative Alphabetical Listing of All Occupational Labels in the Electoral Rolls for Caversham, Dunedin South and Dunedin Central, 1893-1938, CWP2001-4.


  • Shaun Broadley, 'The Churches of Southern Dunedin', Caversham Working Paper CWP2000-1.
  • Shaun Broadley, 'Caversham One childhood interviews', Caversham Working Paper CWP2000-5, 2 volumes.
  • Barbara Brookes,'Gender and Health', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-10.
  • Sandy Brown and David Hood, 'Southern Dunedin 1893-1938: a preliminary survey', Caversham Working Paper CWP2000-2.
  • Annabel Cooper, 'The Otago Benevolent Institute', Caversham Working Paper CWP2000-3, 3 vols.
  • Annabel Cooper and Marian Horan, 'Down and Out on the Flat: the Gendering of Poverty', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-8.
  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen, Annemaree Senior and Sandy Brown, 'Local Migration II, Movement Between Subareas Revisited', Caversham Geographical Working Paper CWP2000-4.
  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Sandy Brown, 'To, From, There and Back: Gender in Spatial Mobility', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-9.
  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Sandy Brown, 'Local Migration II, Movement Between Subareas Revisited', Caversham Geographical Working Paper CWP2000-4
  • Robin Law, 'On the Streets of Southern Dunedin', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-12.
  • Jane Malthus, 'Clothing Caversham: Gendered Consumption and Production of Dress and Textiles: 1890-1940', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-7.
  • Erik Olssen, 'The Gendering of Work: Stitching up the New World', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-6.
  • John Stenhouse, 'Religion and Gender in Southern Dunedin 1890-1940', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-11.


  • Marian Horan, 'The Outdoor Relief Database: An Introduction', Caversham Working Paper CWP1999-1.
  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen, and Hamish James, 'Local Migration I, Movement Between Subareas', Caversham Geographical Working Paper CWP1999-2.


  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Hamish James, 'Intra-Urban Migration', CWP1998-1.
  • Maureen Hickey, 'Changing Occupational Structure Of NZ 1901-1926', CWP1998-2.
  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Hamish James, 'Local Migration I: Movement between Subarea', CWP1998-3.
  • Erik Olssen and Shawn Ryan, 'The Local and the National: An Occupational Classification for Caversham', CWP1998-4.
  • Erik Olssen, 'Conceptual Confusions, or What's in a Name: The Distinction between Pre-Industrial and Industrial Re-Visited', CWP1998-5.
  • Hamish James, 'The Enumerator's Blind Spot: Information on Women in the Caversham Database', CWP1998-6.
  • Maureen Hickey, 'Everything Anyone Wanted to Know About the Census and Occupations 1901, 1926 and 1936', CWP1998-9.


  • Shawn Ryan, 'Friendly Societies: Caversham and South Dunedin', CWP1997-1.
  • Shawn Ryan, 'Intention to Marry Certificates: Preliminary Analysis 1893-1912', CWP1997-2.
  • Shawn Ryan, 'Registry Marriages 1893-1920', CWP1997-3.
  • Hamish James, 'Log-Linear Models of Caversham Occupational Mobility', CWP1997-4.
  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Hamish James, 'Extra-Urban Migration', CWP1997-5.
  • Jeff Kavanagh, 'Stone's Trades and Professions Directories', CWP1997-6.
  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Hamish James, 'Rural Migration', CWP1997-7.
  • Clyde Griffen, 'A More Egalitarian World?: Residential Differentiation and Mobility in Caversham Suburb, Dunedin New Zealand, 1902-1922', CWP1997-8.


  • Hamish James, 'Caversham 1902-1922: A Preliminary Statistical Survey', CWP1996-1.
  • Erik Olssen, 'Occupational Classification: What the Census Tried to Do and Why It Failed', CWP1996-2.
  • Erik Olssen and Maureen Hickey, 'Towards an Occupational Classification for Urban New Zealand, 1901-1926', CWP1996-3.
  • Hamish James, 'Persistence in Caversham: 1902-1922', CWP1996-4.

Last updated 4th November 2010.