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Biographies: Couples

Emmeline and Thomas Galloway

Horace Grocott (1880-1963) and Ada Grocott (1881-1958)

Thomas Sidey (1863 - 1933) and Helena Sidey (c1865 -1966)

Biographies: Men

'Old Vic' Cavanagh (1874 - 1952) and 'Young Vic' Cavanagh (1909 - 1980): Caversham's 'Professors of Rugby.

Chun Ding (1876 - 1963): Chinese pioneer and market gardener

Father James Coffey (1866-1923): Notable South Dunedin Catholic Priest

Dr Millen Coughtrey (1848 - 1908): Anatomy Professor and St Clairs medical practioneer

Andrew Davidson (1894 - 1982): Educational innovator and first principal of Macandrew Intermediate School

Daniel Dutton (1848-1931): Caversham Presbyterian Minister and Boer War Chaplain

Samuel Jewel Elston (c1855-1929): Bringing union power to the men of the metal trades

William Ings (1836-1926): St. Clair's market garden pioneer.

Patrick John Jager: Chronic systematised delusionalinsanity

Samuel Lister (c1833-1913): Southern Dunedin's most outspoken atheist

George Methven (1938-1928): The South Dunedin plumbing manufacturer who made his own motor car

William Milne (1865 - 1906): 'Boss' of Caversham School

David Proudfoot (c1838-1891): The man who built Dunedin's first railway line and tram lines

John Sidey (1823-1915): The canny Scotsman of Corstorphine

Robert Slater (1850-1931): Creating a workers' paradise on the 'Flat'

Edmund 'Shiner' Slattery (c1839-1927): A life on the road

Dave Trevathan (1912 - 1986): Southern All Black hero

Robert Turner: Failing the Breadwinner ideal

William Henry Valpy (1793-1852): In his day the richest man in New Zealand

Biographies: Women

Caroline Freeman (c1853-1914): Pioneer woman educationalist

(Charlotte) Rachel Grimmett (1835-1921): an evangelical Protestant matriarch

Sarah Hananeia (c1845-1927): pioneer Lebanese travelling merchandiser (hawker)

Mother Mary Kostka (lay name Kate Kirby)(1863-1952): Roman Catholic Mother Superior, meeting prejudice with mercy

Lucy Mee (1851-1925): Matron of the Otago Benevolent Institute

Kate Crandell (c1885-1943): (not her real name) an abortionist on the South Road

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