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Oral Histories

The files listed in this section have been saved in text format (.txt) and are best saved onto your computer from this site then opened and viewed in a word processing application (for example; Microsoft Word, Appleworks, Clarisworks, Wordperfect, Microsoft Works).

There are two types oral history included in this resource collection.

The first type is a series of 'life histories' from the Otago Age Concern series. There are a total of 35 reminiscences with some authors contributing more than once. There is also a combined file of all the material - so that a search on specific words or key phrases can be carried out using the 'Search/Find' facility of a word processing application.

The second type is the result of a specific subject search of the Caversham Project’s Oral History database of 89 separate interviews. The project uses a specialized social sciences database called NUD*IST (Non-numerical Unstructured Data * Indexing Searching and Theorizing). NUD*IST allows the transcripts of oral interviews to be coded so that the computer will carry out simple searches for single words, more complex phases through to more specialised searches based on the type of coding used.

The searches included here have found the data implied in the name of the file - which has been saved in an unedited format. Be aware that the searches have brought up some unexpected results. For example, the search on the influenza epidemic of 1918 has also brought up information on people who influenced others lives.

Age Concern: 'Life Histories'

Anthony Brosnan Betty Drake Betty Hunt
Bill Pearson Bridget Brown Connie Allen
Dave Morton Dick Graham Dorothy McCaw
Duke Gillies #1 Duke Gillies #2 Duke Gillies #3
Duke Gillies #4 Duke Gillies #5 Eileen Rankin
Eileen Wyber Isla Moore Jack Revill
Jean Naismith Hendry Jessie Barr Johnny Blacklock #1
Johnny Blacklock #2 Kath McLeod Les Colbert
Mary MacFarlane Foster #1 Mary MacFarlane Foster #2 Mary Michaelis #1
Mary Michaelis #2 Maureen Carruth Miriam Chapman
Nan Lane Neil Harvey Norman Semple
Pat Martin Winnie Hawkins Combined File

Caversham NUD*IST Searches

1918 Influenza Epidemic 1925 Exhibition Bicycles
Children's Games Chinese Clothes
Clubs Cooking Dances and Courting
Depression (1930s) Doctors Electrolux
Household Refrigerators Hospital Housework
Lebanese Lodges and Friendly Societies Milk
Police Pictures (Movies) Radio Programmes
School (Strap) School (Subjects) School (Teachers)
School (Uniform) Scouts Shops and Shopping (Rutherford's Store)
Trams Washing Work, Workplaces and Conditions

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