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The Caversham Project has an extensive list of publications, including books, journal articles, theses, and working papers.


  • Tom Brooking, David Thomson, Dick Martin and Hamish James, "The Ties That Bind: Persistence in a New World Industrial Suburb, 1902-1922", Social History, 24 (Jan. 1999), pp. 55-73.

  • Erik Olssen, Tom Brooking, Brian Heenan, Clyde Griffen and Hamish James, "Urban Society and the Opportunity Structure in New Zealand: The Caversham Project", Social History, 24 (Jan. 1999), pp. 39-54. 

  • Judi Boyd and Erik Olssen, "The Skilled Workers: Journeymen and Masters in Caversham, 1880-1914", New Zealand Journal of History, 22 (Oct. 1988), pp. 118-35.

  • Barbara Brookes, "Hygiene, Health and Bodily Knowledge, 1880-1940: A New Zealand Case Study", Journal of Family History, 28, 2 (2003), pp. 297-313.

  • Barbara Brookes, ed., At Home in New Zealand: History, Houses, People, Auckland, 2000.

  • Barbara Brookes and Jane Thomson (eds.), Unfortunate Folk: Essays on Mental Health Treatment, 1863-1992, Dunedin, 2001.

  • Annabel Cooper, Robin Law, Jane Malthus and Pamela Wood, "Rooms of their Own: Public Toilets and Gendered Citizens in a New Zealand City, 1860-1940", Gender, Place and Culture, 7, 4 (2000), pp. 417-33.

  • Clyde Griffen, 'The New World Working-Class Suburb Revisited: Residential Differentiation in Caversham, New Zealand', Journal of Urban History, 27, 4 (May 2001), pp. 420-444.

  • Brian Heenan, "Career migration as personal biography: New Zealand case studies", New Zealand Geographer, 55, 1 (1999), pp. 12-24.

  • Brian Heenan, 'Population Ageing among Non-Maori New Zealanders in Later Victorian Times: A Quirk of Immigrant Settlement History?', New Zealand Journal of History, vol. 35, no. 2, October 2001, pp. 177-203.

  • Penny Isaac and Erik Olssen, "The Justification for Labour's Housing Scheme: The Discourse of the Slum," in Barbara Brookes, ed., At Home in New Zealand: History, Houses, People, Auckland, 2000.

  • Hamish James, "A Database for all Seasons", Archifacts (Oct. 1998), pp. 57-71.

  • Rob Kitchen and Robin Law (2001), 'The Socio-Spatial Construction of (In) accessible Public Toilets', Urban Studies, vol. 38, 2 (2001), pp. 287-298.

  • Robin Law, "Gender and daily mobility in a New Zealand city, 1920-1960', Journal of Social & Cultural Geography, 3, 4 (2002), 425-445.

  • Robin Law, "Beyond 'women and transport': Towards New Geographies of Gender and Daily Mobility", Progress in Human Geography, 23, 4 (October 1999), pp. 567-588.

  • Erik Olssen, Building the New World: work, politics and society in Caversham, 1880s-1920s, Auckland, 1995. (winner of the J.E. Sherrard Prize, 1996).

  • Erik Olssen and Hamish James, "Class Formation in a New World Industrial Suburb: Social Mobility in Caversham", International Review of Social History, 44 (1999), pp. 419-48.

  • Erik Olssen, "The Reconstruction of a Community: the Caversham Project", in Work 'n' Pastimes: 150 Years of pleasure, labour and leisure, Proceedings of the 1998 Conference of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists held at the University of Otago, Dunedin, 10th-13th April 1998, pp. 461-74.

  • Louise Shaw and Barbara Brookes, "Constructing Homes: Gender and Advertising in Home and Building, 1936 &endash; 1970", New Zealand Journal of History, 33, 2 (1999), pp. 200-220.

  • John Stenhouse and Brian Moloughney, "'Drug-besotten, sin-begotten fiends of filth': New Zealanders and the Oriental Other 1850-1920," New Zealand Journal of History, 33, 2 (1999), pp. 43-64.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Barbara Brookes and Annabel Cooper, eds., Sites of Gender: Opportunity and Community in Urban-Industrial Society, 1890-1940.

  • Erik Olssen and Maureen Hickey, Class and Occupation: The New Zealand Reality.


These theses are available at the Department of History, University of Otago, or Hocken Library Uare Taoka o Häkena.


  • Jane Adams, 'The Concept of "Criminal Lunacy". A case study of Seacliff Lunatic Asylum, 1882-1912', BA Hons. thesis, 2000.

  • Robert Adin, 'T.K.Sidey, A Good Christian Gentleman: A Study of Christian Masculinity in New Zealand, BA Hons. thesis, 2001.

  • Charlotte Amodeo, 'The Murder Trial of Senga Florence Whittingham. An Examination into the Nature of Gender Relations in the 1950s', BA Hons. thesis, 2001.

  • Diana Brown, '"Stepping-stone to cretinism": Goitre in New Zealand 1920-1950', BA Hons. thesis, 2000.

  • Ali Clarke, 'A Godly Rhythm: Keeping the Sabbath in Otago, 1870-1890', BA Hons. thesis, 1999.

  • Amy Crago, 'Emily Siedeberg's Driving Force: Advancing the Interests of Women', PGDA, 2001.

  • Andrea Deuchrass, 'Pushing Past the Confines of Femininity: Music for Women in Dunedin 1907-1950: A Vehicle for Agency, Recognition and Social Connections', BA Hons. thesis, 2001.

  • Angela Findlay 'Widening Women's Sphere? Women, Work and Ideology in the New Zealand Post Office', BA Hons. thesis, 2000.

  • Janette Hart, 'Keeping the Family Together: A Study on the Persistence of Remarriage as a Survival Mechanism in New Zealand after Colonial Colonisation', BA Hons. thesis, 2001.

  • Alison Holmes, "The Chinese Are the Same Everywhere": The Distortion of the Chinese Community in Dunedin, 1880-1920', BA Hons. thesis, 2000.

  • Marian Horan, 'The In-dependent Women? Women, Work and Charitable Aid in Otago 1895 to 1905', BA Hons. thesis, 1997.

  • Penny Isaac, 'Stir, Bustle and Whir! A History of the New Zealand Clothing Factory 1873-1905 with particular reference to the labour process', BA Hons. thesis, 1996.

  • Maryrose Lockerbie, 'The Intergenerational and Intermarital Occupational Mobility of Men and Women in the Southern Suburbs of Dunedin, 1881-1937', BA Hons. thesis, 2001.

  • Jodine Lyons, 'The "Grand Magasins" of the South. The World of Dunedin Department Stores 1890-1960', BA Hons. thesis, 1999.

  • Sarah Neal, 'Well-Intentioned but Ill-Fated: The New Zealand Government's Repatriation Scheme for World War One Returned Soldiers, 1915-1930', BA Hons. thesis, 2001.

  • Kieran O'Connell, '"Be Strong and Show Thyself a Man"- Christian Masculinities in southern Dunedin, 1885-1925', BA Hons. thesis, 2001.

  • Karyn-Maree Piercy, ''Presbyterian Pioneers': The Deaconess Movement, Dunedin, 1900-1920', BA Hons. thesis, 2000.

  • Conrad Schumacher, 'Why did so many babies die? Infant mortality and causes of death in Dunedin, 1900-1920', BA Hons. thesis, 1998.

  • Justine Smith, 'Dunedin Manhood: Official Organ of the Dunedin Y.M.C.A.' The 'Manufacturing' of Christian Men in Dunedin, 1933-1938', BA Hons. thesis, 1999.

  • Katie Tierney, ''Eat for the Glory of God': The Dietary Reform Movement ca. 1880s-1920s', BA Hons. thesis, 2000.

  • David Turner, 'The Workers' Compensation Act 1900', BA Hons. thesis, 2000.

  • Brooke Whitelaw, ''She-Males in Brown-Stockings': Women in Higher Education at the University of Otago 1919-1929', BA Hons. thesis, 1999.


  • Asma Bashir, 'Skirting the Issues. Women Teachers in New Zealand during the Inter-war Period', MA thesis, 2001.

  • Megan Cook, 'Gender and Paid Work in New Zealand, 1950-1972', MA thesis, 2000.

  • Maureen Hickey, 'Negotiating Infant Welfare: The Plunket Society in the Interwar Period', MA thesis, 1999.

  • Marion Horan, 'Employing Gender in the New World: Factory Legislation in New Zealand, 1873-1901', MA thesis, 1999;

  • Penny Isaac, '"No Room for Luxuries': Aspects of life in a working-class New Zealand community in the 1930s', MA thesis, 1999;

  • Shaun Ryan, 'Men of Metal: The Amalgamated Society of Engineers in Dunedin, c. 1874-1923', MA thesis, 1997;

  • Louise Shaw, 'Prescription for Change: Dispensing with Men. Women in New Zealand Pharmacy', MA thesis, 1996.

  • Kirsten Thomlinson, ''We the Undersigned': an analysis of signatories to the 1893 Suffrage Petition from Southern Dunedin', MA thesis, 2001.


  • Robyn Notman, "A Privileged Life: Dora Hallenstein De Beer, 1891-1982", MLitt, 1999.


  • Shaun Broadley, "Spirited Visions: Spiritualism in New Zealand", PhD thesis, 2000.

  • Warwick Brunton, '"A Choice of Difficulties": National Mental Health Policy in New Zealand, 1840-1947', PhD thesis, 2001.

  • David Keen, 'Feeding the Lambs. The Influence of Sunday Schools on the Socialization of Children in Otago and Southland 1848-1901', PhD thesis, 1999.

  • Anna Petersen, '"Signs of Higher Life": A Cultural History of Domestic Interiors of New Zealand c. 1814-1914', PhD thesis, 1998.

  • Patricia Sargison,'"Essentially a Woman's Work": A History of General Nursing in New Zealand, 1830-1930', PhD thesis, 2001.

  • Catherine Smith, 'The Business of Beauty: A History of Hairdressers, 1920s-1960s', PhD thesis, 1999.

Working Papers

These working papers are available via the Caversham Project.


  • David Hood, 'Automated trimming of scanned images', Caversham Technical Paper, CTP260402

  • David Hood, 'Caverphone : Phonetic Matching algorithm', Caversham Technical Paper, CTP060902


  • Natalie Beath and Alison Holmes, 'Employment Records', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2001-1

  • Dot Page with Tom Brooking and Howard Lee, 'Schooling for a Gendered Future: Gender, Education and Opportunity in Caversham 1880-1930', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2001-2.

  • Shaun Broadley, 'Oral Histories with Lebanese of southern Dunedin', CWP2001-3

  • Erik Olssen, Maude Hickey and Kate Smith, 'Cumulative Alphabetical Listing of All Occupational Labels in the Electoral Rolls for Caversham, Dunedin South and Dunedin Central, 1893-1938, CWP2001-4.


  • Shaun Broadley, 'The Churches of Southern Dunedin', Caversham Working Paper CWP2000-1.

  • Shaun Broadley, 'Caversham One childhood interviews', Caversham Working Paper CWP2000-5, 2 volumes.

  • Barbara Brookes,'Gender and Health', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-10.

  • Sandy Brown and David Hood, 'Southern Dunedin 1893-1938: a preliminary survey', Caversham Working Paper CWP2000-2.

  • Annabel Cooper, 'The Otago Benevolent Institute', Caversham Working Paper CWP2000-3, 3 vols.

  • Annabel Cooper and Marian Horan, 'Down and Out on the Flat: the Gendering of Poverty', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-8.

  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen, Annemaree Senior and Sandy Brown, 'Local Migration II, Movement Between Subareas Revisited', Caversham Geographical Working Paper CWP2000-4.

  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Sandy Brown, 'To, From, There and Back: Gender in Spatial Mobility', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-9.

  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Sandy Brown, 'Local Migration II, Movement Between Subareas Revisited', Caversham Geographical Working Paper CWP2000-4

  • Robin Law, 'On the Streets of Southern Dunedin', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-12.

  • Jane Malthus, 'Clothing Caversham: Gendered Consumption and Production of Dress and Textiles: 1890-1940', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-7.

  • Erik Olssen, 'The Gendering of Work: Stitching up the New World', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-6.

  • John Stenhouse, 'Religion and Gender in Southern Dunedin 1890-1940', Caversham Working Paper, CWP2000-11.


  • Marian Horan, 'The Outdoor Relief Database: An Introduction', Caversham Working Paper CWP1999-1.

  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen, and Hamish James, 'Local Migration I, Movement Between Subareas', Caversham Geographical Working Paper CWP1999-2.


  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Hamish James, 'Intra-Urban Migration', CWP1998-1.

  • Maureen Hickey, 'Changing Occupational Structure Of NZ 1901-1926', CWP1998-2.

  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Hamish James, 'Local Migration I: Movement between Subarea', CWP1998-3.

  • Erik Olssen and Shawn Ryan, 'The Local and the National: An Occupational Classification for Caversham', CWP1998-4.

  • Erik Olssen, 'Conceptual Confusions, or What's in a Name: The Distinction between Pre-Industrial and Industrial Re-Visited', CWP1998-5.

  • Hamish James, 'The Enumerator's Blind Spot: Information on Women in the Caversham Database', CWP1998-6.

  • Maureen Hickey, 'New Zealand's Changing Occupational Structure: A Comparison using the 1901, 1926 and 1936 Censuses', CWP1998-7.


  • Shawn Ryan, 'Friendly Societies: Caversham and South Dunedin', CWP1997-1.

  • Shawn Ryan, 'Intention to Marry Certificates: Preliminary Analysis 1893-1912', CWP1997-2.

  • Shawn Ryan, 'Registry Marriages 1893-1920', CWP1997-3.

  • Hamish James, 'Log-Linear Models of Caversham Occupational Mobility', CWP1997-4.

  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Hamish James, 'Extra-Urban Migration', CWP1997-5.

  • Jeff Kavanagh, 'Stone's Trades and Professions Directories', CWP1997-6.

  • Brian Heenan, Sarah Johnsen and Hamish James, 'Rural Migration', CWP1997-7.

  • Clyde Griffen, 'A More Egalitarian World?: Residential Differentiation and Mobility in Caversham Suburb, Dunedin New Zealand, 1902-1922', CWP1997-8.


  • Hamish James, 'Caversham 1902-1922: A Preliminary Statistical Survey', CWP1996-1.

  • Erik Olssen, 'Occupational Classification: What the Census Tried to Do and Why It Failed', CWP1996-2.

  • Erik Olssen and Maureen Hickey, 'Towards an Occupational Classification for Urban New Zealand, 1901-1926', CWP1996-3.

  • Hamish James, 'Persistence in Caversham: 1902-1922', CWP1996-4.

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